Infomercial Segments for RED GOLD TOMATOES on KFOR tv 

Infomercial Segments for RED GOLD TOMATOES on KFOR tv 



As a professional and Personal Chef, the standard question I am asked on a daily basis from clients, friends, and strangers is "What's Cooking" ? 'What's Cooking' can mean anything from "What's up?"  to "How are you?" or "I'm going to be clever and pretend Scotty has never heard this line...".  Typically though, they really do want to know... "What's Cooking?" 

Thanks for joining me on this wonderful IN THE KITCHEN WITH SCOTTY journey! I am not only proud of the ITK sauces and spice blends I produce and sell, but also proud of the other work I do here in Oklahoma City. 

If you haven't watched my weekly cooking segment on "RISE AND SHINE" KAUT Freedom 43 TV here in Oklahoma City, you're missing out on some fun cooking lessons,  and well... great shenanigans with Lacey, Lucas, and Emily. the In The Kitchen With Scotty cooking segment is every Tuesday morning, and the recipes for the week are posted here on my website under "Rise and Shine Recipes"

Something else I take great pride in is the writing opportunities I have been given. 

Monthly I have the CHEF SCOTTY column in The Gayly  focusing on fun and easy recipes for the LGBTQ community in Oklahoma and surrounding states. 

I am also a a contributing writer/Chef for a new and wonderful publication here in Oklahoma City that specifically focuses on the food and beverage scene for our city... EdibleOKC Magazine . EdibleOKC has not only given me the creative outlet to show readers new recipe ideas but also to do something I have always enjoyed.... WRITING! In fact, thanks to EdibleOKC and the Edible Community I can now add "Award Winning Writer" to my letterhead. 

"Award Winning Writer"  for EdibleOKC Magazine 

The In The Kitchen With Scotty "SHOP" highlights all my cast sauces and spice blends. I'm very proud of my products, and yes, I do use them daily. 

I only use fresh ingredients. When I say my Jezebel Sauce is made from oranges, lemon pineapple, and horseradish, I don't mean concentrated orange, canned pineapple, and horseradish from a jar... I mean the real thing! Have you ever peeled and grated FRESH HORSERADISH?! It will bring tears to your eyes (literally). As a chef, fresh, quality, products are a must in all my cooking. That goes for my sauces and spice blends as well. People TASTE the difference!

In The Kitchen With Scotty gift packs

Please take time and stop inside the "SHOP". Whether you're trying ITK for the first time, or looking for that perfect gift for family and friends, ITK has you covered.

All packages and gift packs are packed in a simple clean white and black box, filled with shredded "junk mail". If you have ever been in business for yourself, or an active online shopper you understand the AMOUNT of junk mail that comes to your mailbox. I was tired of receiving credit card offers, business promotional ideas, insurance offers of every sort, business loan offers, and I won't even get into voting season and the amount of candidate material that goes around. I bought a simple paper shredder and voila...free, re purposed, package filler. Now friends and other ITK'ers hand off their junk mail to me for shredding to keep up with supply and I am happy to oblige. 

I ship nation wide, and happy to say by early December 2014 has finally delivered to all 50 States! No place is too far (Hi Alaska and Hawaii) so please show all those special people in your life some ITK love!