by Chef Scotty

toni hoffman

Iguana Mexican Grill, Iguana Cafe, Blue Belle Saloon


I love Toni Hoffman, and I love what she and her business partner Robert Painter have done to widen the food spectrum here in Oklahoma City, and now in Guthrie. Tonight I had the great pleasure, and a needed break from my kitchen, to sit down and talk to Toni about both the Iguana locations, and their new venture the Blue Belle Saloon just twenty-six miles north of Oklahoma City in the historic town of Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

Back in the day, Iguana's was open on Western Avenue right outside Nichols Hills. After being gone for awhile, Robert, Toni, the amazing Steve Mason, and other investors, decided to revive Iguana in what is now known as the "9th Street District" right off of Automobile Alley in downtown OKC. Iguana's is a fun, lively, Mexican food grill, that has grown and become a favorite for everyone looking for, well...fun and lively. There is no second fiddle here when it comes to the amazing food: Fresh salsas, the best damn queso in the city, Fish Tacos, all kinds of Enchiladas, and of course frozen "SWIRL" margaritas. Not to mention Taco Tuesdays, and any time you need a ride to a THUNDER game after dinner, the black party bus called Black Pearl.

Iguana Mexican Grill in the "9th Street District" of downtown Oklahoma city

If all that wasn't enough, they decided to expand their reach and open up a little neighborhood spot, in Nichols Hills Plaza, called the Iguana Cafe. Now, if you remember Scotty's Restaurant (ah-hem) , you know I know something about NH Plaza, and the particular spot the Cafe is in. Iguana Cafe happens to be in the same space Scotty's Restaurant occupied. Great memories, and these guys couldn't have picked a better spot.

The Iguana Cafe, Nichols Hills Plaza

A month ago, I ran in to Robert at a local fundraiser, and the first thing out of his mouth was "You're never gonna believe what we did? We bought a Saloon!". Holy Michelle Pfeiffer, are you kidding? The Blue Belle Saloon is Toni and Robert's latest venture, and perfectly set in historic Guthrie, Oklahoma. What started out as looking for pop-up restaurant space for the upcoming "Mumford & Sons" concert in September, ended up being their new/old Saloon in the heart of downtown Guthrie. 

Blue Belle Saloon

Check out tonight's ITK podcast and listen in as Toni shares the revival and beginnings of both the Iguanas, and all the fun times that await you in Guthrie at the Blue Belle Saloon. I can't wait to experience the Blue-Belle, and I know you can't either!