by Chef Scotty

monty milburn

Everyone needs that one friend in their life, that the minute you hear their name you instantly think FUN. That's my Monty.

Now Monty is a pro when it comes to home entertaining. Dinner parties, cocktail parties, pool parties, or just hanging out with friends watching a OKC Thunder game on television, he ineveitably invites a great group of people, and ALWAYS has wonderful food laid out; That's why I wanted to pick his brain.

Tonight I invited Monty to sit in front of my fancy microphone, and spill the T on entertaining for friends at home. We covered thought processes when it comes to having food and drink, the kinds of food, screw ups while cooking, and memorable stories from home parties past. We even derailed talking about an ex-boyfriend, and eighties record albums. That was, I'm guessing, the start of the second bottle of wine.