by Chef Scotty

david egan

cattlemen's steakhouse

Whewww! What a month April was, and Hello May! It has been a little busy here in Oklahoma City with Festival of the Arts, the Memorial Marathon, and some really exciting things going on with "In The Kitchen With Scotty". Tonight I try and make up for the month of April with my friend and restaurant mentor, David Egan of Cattlemen's Steakhouse.

Cattlemen's as the sun sets

I first met David in 1994 when I moved to Oklahoma City after finishing up my culinary externship in Destin Florida. I interviewed with David for  Applewood's Restaurant, but we spent most of our day at Cattlemen's Steakhouse.

Dick Stubbs had purchased the historic Cattlemen's in 1990, and along with the supervision and dedication of David, helped this once cafe of the cowboy, rancher, saddle maker, and "wayward man", become what we now know in OKC as a MUST when it comes to OKC history, great service, and an incredible meal. 

Welcome to Stockyard City!


One Hundred and Three years old, but who's counting? Once as a small 30 seat cafe where you could get a good steak and glass of "homemade whisky", Cattlemen's has transformed into a thriving and "remembering where she came from" Steakhouse with Special Event Center for functions right next door. Not just steaks on a saturday night, but at your Bar Mitzvah too!

Lamb Fries

Tonight David I sit back, with a bottle or two of wine, and talk great Oklahoma City history.... How Gene Wade won a crap game, and acquired a little cafe in Stockyard City with a "hard-six". How Cattlemen's blossomed into a bonafied restaurant in the 40's, and yes even the wonderful and must have item on Cattlemen's menu the "Lamb Fries".

If you are a history buff, and more importantly a lover of great food, you will absolutely  love this show!