by Chef Scotty



Here’s my version of the legendary Kentucky HOT BROWN. 

When Deciding what to do with that left over turkey from Thanksgiving, the Hot Brown will definitely hit the spot!




2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons butter

1 1/2 cups of milk 

1 tablespoon In The Kitchen With Scotty “Cornbread Dressing Seasoning

a good pinch of In The Kitchen With Scotty “Cook’s Line Seasoning

3/4 cup shredded Smoked Gruyere cheese

4 slices artisan white bread lightly toasted 

1/2 to 1 pound left over turkey

thick sliced tomatoes enough to cover each slice of bread

8 pieces of cooked bacon

In The Kitchen With Scotty “Cranberry Fennel Compote” 


*Preheat your oven’s broiler to 475 degrees, and arrange the the shelves close to the top.

  1. In a sauce pan melt the butter, with the Cornbread Dressing Seasoning and add the flour. Cook the roux, and add your cold milk. Cook until you have a nice white sauce.
  2. Add in the shredded smoked gruyere cheese, and mix until your cheese sauce is blended. Taste for seasoning and add the Cook’s Line Seasoning to taste.
  3. In an oven proof casserole dish or plate, lay out the slices of toasted white bread. Top with a little cheese sauce and distribute the cooked leftover turkey on top evenly. Add the tomatoes on top, another spoonful or two of cheese sauce to cover everything. Broil your Hot Browns in the oven until the cheese sauce is golden brown and bubbly.
  4. Remove the hot browns from the broiler carefully. Criss Cross Applesauce the bacon on each sandwich, and garnish with extra tomatoes if you have them . Serve up each Hot Brown on a plate and add a spoonful of my Cranberry-Fennel Compote to complete. 
  5. Is your mouth watering as bad as mine is right now? Enjoy!!