by Chef Scotty in

  • YIELDS around 2 cups


1 quart whole milk

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup buttermilk

1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt (Sel de Mer works great for me) 




  1. Pour all the liquids and salt into a heavy sauce pan, and bring to a gentle simmer. 
  2. Line a fine mesh strainer with cheese cloth, and prop over a deep bowl.
  3. When the milk mixture comes to a simmer, it will start to “break”.. the curds separating from the whey (Hey, Miss Muffet). Stir only once (resist the temptation to stir)  , and Just let it do it’s thing. You’ll get a better yield. 
  4. Remove the sauce pan from the heat, and carefully pour the entire contents through the cheesecloth and mesh strainer.
  5. Just let it drip… the longer it drips, the firmer your ricotta cheese will be. 

6. When it’s your perfect consistency, and cooled down, use in your favorite recipe. Baking,     stuffed pasta shells, lasagna, or even a bowl with honey pure over it. Amazing on fresh toasted artisan bread by the way. 

7. In a tightly sealed container, your ricotta will last around three days in the refrigerator.