ARANCINI (fried risotto balls)

by Chef Scotty in ,

Earlier this week I made saffron risotto from Carnaroli rice a friend of mine in Italy had sent me...knowing I love risotto

As usual...I made too much. That's what happens when you cook all day for a living and come home starving...maybe a glass or two of wine was involved as well.

Anyway, so there was leftover risotto. Now what's a good use for leftover risotto besides cold from the fridge at 2:00am? ARANCINI of course! Fried risotto balls with cheese (typically mozzarella) melted perfectly in the center. They make a perfect snack, and you didn't waste the risotto.

Without too much detail basically you need :

Leftover risotto

Mozzarella cut into cubes (I had Asiago I needed to use up) 

Olive oil for deep frying 

Eggs beaten


Seasoned bread crumbs. 

(Seasoned with COOK'S LINE SEASONING of course)


1. Scoop out your leftover chilled risotto, and ball up to YOUR ideal size. Insert a cube of cheese in the center and evenly form the risotto ball around it 

2. My steps (and breaking steps vary) : roll in beaten egg, then in flour, back to egg, then completely coat in the bread crumbs. Set aside.

3. Begin heating your olive oil in a deep pan... About 365/370 degrees F.

4. After your Arancini have all been cheesed, balled, and breaded, carefully begin deep frying in the oil. Fry until golden brown, and drain on paper towels or rack.

5. Serve as soon as you can with a little marinara or your favorite *dipping sauce, and snack at your leisure.

*I mix and heat equal parts of marinara and In The Kitchen With Scotty's "Chile Pepper and Lime" sauce.... Amazing.