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Originally prepared for PLENTY MERCANTILE's WORKSHOP featuring IN THE KITCHEN WITH SCOTTY June 11, 2015


Fresh homemade Ginger Syrup, combined with Gin and Champagne? Why not?!


I am really loving this late spring, and the cooler,wetter,weather we’ve been having. Yes, for the lush lawns and flower beds we all have now, but even more for enjoying cocktails with friends by the pool, outdoor dinners, or by the lake watching the sun go down.


Two fare weather drinks I love while hanging al fresco, is the ice gold, gingery MOSCOW MULE, and the classic crisp and tangy FRENCH 75. While I don’t claim to know every drink ever invented, and I am all about mixing something until you get it right, I do love my mix of the two cocktails. I call it simply my "MULET" (moo-lay) or French for “mule”. Don’t hurt yourself trying to figure out why it’s not pronounced like the hair style you had in middle school. 



2 shots of Hendrick’s Gin ( I prefer the herb blend of Hendrick’s .. use what you like) 

2 shots of Ginger Syrup

Juice from a large lime

chilled dry Champagne or Prosecco

Fresh slice of unpeeled ginger, cucumber, and lime


Add ice about 3/4 way in a shaker. Add gin, ginger syrup, lime juice, and shake well. Strain into chilled cocktail glass or over ice "on the rocks". Top off with champagne and garnish. 

To your good health, and to a lovely summer. 

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